Episode 1 – Dominos, Grandfather Clauses and State of the World

Episode 1 – Dominos, Grandfather Clauses and State of the World

Welcome to the Big and Main Show! This is our long format podcast and our first episode of Get Off My Soapbox. In this episode we are going more in-depth on our mission with our Podcasts. Today we are discussing ‘Dominos, Grandfather Clauses and State of the World’. So much the world needs to work on and we are going to touch on some of that and where we are going moving forward. Hope you enjoy the show.

Like always this is will be the VERY best variety topic excellence you expect from us. These are our opinions and thoughts which all MAY not agree with. Please feel free to ‘change the channel’ if you don’t like what you hear. Our goal is to make the world a better place for everyone and not serve a small minority. Thoughts, comments and constructive contributions welcome but NOT hate or negative. Please be respectful to our host and guests.

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